The Wheels

This project is a full fledged billing system for motorbikes.
Coded from the scratch, as I always do. No IDE was used anywhere during the development.
It was just me, my keyboard and Notepad++. Took me more than three weeks to reach upto here.

Key features

  • Designed for anyone who wishes to minimize his paper work
  • Can be customized for a particular corporation
  • Automatically creates a backup from time to time
  • Your data is in secure hands
  • User friendly interface
  • Flexible structure, can be modified without much overhead
  • Cost effecient and a good option for 'not so techie' guys
  • Pre requisites

  • JDK 7 or above
  • Oracle 10G or above

    The Welcome Screen

     The front face of this application

    The first screen that the user will see is this panel that provides multiple options and functions as their names suggests.

    Job Card

     The first step in any service center

    The client will have to give his details as well as his bike's current status such as fuel, distance travelled so far, contact number, etc.

    Checking existing customers

     He must be given an ID on hisfirst visit

    That ID can be used to search that customer so that he need not to enter all the details again.

    Admin Controls

     Password protected important operations

    There are severeal operations that should be exercised by Admin only.

    Polite Message

     No chances for unauthorized access

    A polite message for the one who entered the password 3 times in a row.

    Admin Access

     When you provide the correct ID and Password

    Permission will be granted to the authorized person only.

    Admin's Priveledges

     Rights of an Admin

    An admin is authorized to make these many changes.

    Inventory Rate List

     Shows rates of the spare parts stored in the inventory

    An admin can easily change the rates of any part stored in the inventory.

    Search Box

     Find an specefic customer

    Provide any one of the three information asked.

    Preparing the Bill

     Each opeartion has a diffrent charge

    Tick the services applied on that vehicle and check if you've changed the parts also.

    Parts Changed

     In case you've replaced some parts.

    We mainatin a separate database for parts of each motorcycle, their quantity and their prices.

    Good Bye

     Totall payment to be made by the customer

    This will show the final payment to be made by the customer including everything like parts and all.

    Print Reciept

     Finally printing the reciept

    This is the final receipt to be printed. However you can still make some changes here for wacky customers.

    Getting Appointments

     For the busy ones

    You can give appointments to the customers on a specfic date and specific time.


     Appointment date and time validation

    To avoid date time clashes. Each customer should have a dedicated time slot.

    Bias handling

     Ensures correct information only

    A number in the number field and a text in the text field. Simple?


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