Code Saver

At first I made this application for my personal use only
I have a very bad habit of saving my codes with irrelevant temporary names
This made me forgot my important programs, where I kept them and with what name
This is a java swing application that keeps record of all your codes
Be it a java program, a C++ program or any other programming languagee

Key features

  • Auotomatically takes the absolute path of your program
  • Provides a basic text editor to edit your code
  • Allows to to rate your own programs
  • Easily fetches the program you want
  • User friendly interface
  • Pre requisites

  • JDK 7 or above
  • Oracle 10G or above

    The Welcome Screen

     The front face of this application

    The first screen that the user will see is this panel that provides multiple options and functions as their names suggests.

    Main Window

     The actual working face of the application

    Name of the buttons says it all. A well labelled window that explains every operation

    Open Dialog

     The irst step towards saving your code

    On clicking the 'BROWSE FILE'. This dialog box will open. Click on the file name and press 'OPEN'

    Working Window

     Auto fill functions

    Autommatically gets the absolute path

    Last Minute Editting

     The text editor

    A simple text editor to edit your code and save changes permanently

    Next Step

     Specify important attributes

    Mention which type of program it is, what you've implemented in the program and the running status.

    Error Handling

     A small message box

    It will notify when something goes wrong. Exception handling basically.


     Contents of the table

    Now when I say 'table'. It means the database that is actually storing your program, their attributes and their location.

    Fetch Box

     Gets your program to you

    Shows location and name of all the programs on the basis of their category, implemention and rating


     Modifying the attributes

    You can modify the name, location and attributes on a saved program.


     Delete a record.

    You can easily delete an entry. Just specify the name with the extension. As there may be programs with the same name, but different formats.


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