Hi, I'm Tanzeel

I   building user interfaces

A die hard football fan

My Motivation

People who support me

"Amazing programmer and a true coder to the bone. He defines MCA, truly & literally. "
Amir Murtuza Khan
Team Leader at Cozmo travel
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

Feeling awesome at

Currently working as a Software Engineer with the renowned Philips Health Care.

Not actively looking for a new job. But will be happy to write some extra code for


An illustrator

Believes in spreading the words as far as I can. Saving the world with bad codes.
DIY or Do It Yourself, step by step installatation and troubleshooting apps and services

An active answerer on

Not just sitting there and watching people ask questions. I actively participate in FAQs related to Linux
Stackoverflow is one of my favourite Q&A website. Current reputation is 23 and holding 6 badges right now.
As a hobby, as a timepass and at times for a genuine reason I'm available on Quora

Code contribution

I believe in contributing to awesome ideas.
Fork - Contribute - Clone. Do whatever, but don't forget to give me a high five.
Find all my projects on GitHub. Chears!

My Expertise

I've got chops in all phases of the design process


I collaborate with clients and peers to nurture and transform ideas into well thought out design specs. After all, that's where the majority of amazing user experiences start.


I sketch and wireframe interfaces focusing on content structure, intuitive UI patterns and simple interactions. I'm a minimalist who truly believes that less is more.


I design in the browser with HTML(5), CSS(3) and a touch of JavaScript. I love coding things from scratch, but I can work with front-end frameworks like Bootstrap too.

My Work

Want to see more examples?

GLC Solutions


GLC Solutions is a game changing technology consulting firm based out of Langley, BC. They help companies utilize and leverage technology for sustainable long term growth and profitability.

Wedler Engineering


Wedler Engineering is a results-oriented, value driven company that cultivates leadership and empowers people to do better and be better in their workplace and local community.

App Development


Developing applications for android smart phones. Stand alone Java applications for both desktops and smart phones. This includes multimedia games and other interactive apps. Utility apps such as IRCTC apps and PayTm, etc.

Personal Projects

When I'm not freelancing, I'm working on digital products.

Easy base is a GUI tool for Oracle databases. Create, drop, alter tables with this cool gui tool You dont need to type those pathetic long queries in the SQL prompt Easy to use and time effecient.
A complete billing system for motorcycle service centers. Can be used by any such service center. You dont neet to be a brand. Call me and I'll customise the app according to your wills and whimps. I PROMISE.
Saved your program one week or say one month ago and now dont remember the name. Or you've a program Prg1.c and dont remeber what this code is all about. Dont worry. Code Saver saves the location and purpose of your precious codes.
Ever thought how an Air Traffic Controller works? Its a miniature simluation model of an ATC. Manage flights, keep track of all the runway and much more. Gives you the real feel of a busy airport and the services it provides.
Dovetail is a complete School Management System specifically designed for Horizon Public School, Allahabad, India. A school for underpriveledged children. This application was a charity to HPS. Even today I take nothing as a royalty from them. They call me Mr. Nice ;)
Its a website dedicated entirely to the Indian state of Uttrakhand. Covers the whole of Uttarakhand. Our cuisine, music, art, dance and our people. I ACTUALLY enjoyed doing this project. I'm still adding more and more contents to it. Click 'loveuk.000webhostpp.com'

Code writer

As a frontend developer I write small code snippets for later use
Anyone can use them to integrate in their projects. I'll be most happy to help you.
Find all my projects on Codepen.com. Chears!

I  JavaScript

React JavaScript is one of my favourite javascript framework. I love doing research and development and apply my results in my projects.
I'm pretty much confident about my nodeJS skilss. Be it form validation or for any other runtime task, I prefer NodeJS.
I'm a fan of the NPM community. I keep myself updated with the fast growing NPM culture.

Feel free to ask me about

REST API and not SOAP. I managed to learn about REST APIs in my college. One such light weightAPI is my Weather api
I'm really impressed with JSON. A perfect tool for managing unstructured data. I've created JSONify, a tool in Javafx to create JSON file for the information you provide.
'Json Web Tokens'.Beating out the old PHP session variables. Switch to JWT. Highly recommended.

Frameworks and tools

A JavaScript task runner, a tool used to automatically perform frequent tasks such as minification, compilation, unit testing, and linting
My all time partner for REST API development. Watch my youtube videos to know more about Postman.
Lumen is a PHP micro-framework built to deliver micro-services and blazing fast APIs by Larvel.
For testing my Web projects on a localhost I always prefer LAMP

I'm a Full stack developer

Its been only a year I've started working with PHP. And I'm getting quite confident in this.
Honestly, I'm beginner in Django and Golang. Cant talk about these right now.
Told you. I'm a beginner in Django and Golang. Give me some more time as I'm in a learning phase.
Created my first HTML page when I was in elementary school which dates back to 2006. It was just a 'Hello world' page.
The beauty secret of every HTML webpage. Well I managed to learn some cool tips and tricks.
Using Sass for my CSS preprocessing is a useful tool for executing responsive web design.

Frameworks I use as a Website Developer

Feels great working with Materialize, a modern responsive CSS framework based on Material Design by Google.
Bootstrap is my all time favourite frontend framework. Watch my youtube tutorials and know why.
Pretty new to this framework. Quite impressive. I'm exploring its features. But I haven't used this in development till now.
Not much to do with Moka and Faba. Use these two for icons basically, and that too less often.
I personally want to thank the developers of flaticon for saving the world from poor graphics and animated png.
Another helpful service that helps me use symbols the way I actually want to.

I prefer coding with

For progamming in C, CPP and Java, the only editor I'm comfortable with is Atom. It has an integrated GitHub as well.
An alternative to Atom text editor. Though I've worled with Sublime. But honestly, I'm not very much impressed with this editor.
Trust me guys. If you are a Web developer, you really need to check this out.

How I manage my data

NodeJs and MongoDB is a perfect combo for a backend developer. Ask me how to get started with this package.
Our very old and trustyworthy relative database managementt system. I'm pretty good at writing SQL queries. You can ask me questions.
I have basic knowledge about MariaDb but No, its not my cup of tea.

Connect with me

Everyone has a LinkedIn profile. Here I've got one.
I'm available on Skype for video calls, if only it is genuinely required - camera shy (*^_^*)
Official mails: tanzeelmirza@outlook.com

Want to work together?

I'm currently accepting new projects and would love to hear about yours.

Please take a few minutes to tell me about it


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